The home page of this site features a selection of my graphics work as a Production Artist, Designer and Art Director, covering the years 1997-2018.

A few brief notes about my career follow. I started out in magazine publishing, where I worked on a number of Canadian sports and culture magazines for the publisher Canadian Controlled Media Communications (CCMC). My role was to design editorial and advertising content, select and retouch images, and then complete final production art.

I then moved on to the world of advertising agencies and design firms, working primarily as a production artist, but also doing design, retouching and pre-press. Currently, I continue to design and produce material for print and digital campaigns covering all aspects of visual communications.

For a detailed look at my career, see my resume and LinkedIn profile. The latter includes a number of colleague recommendations. I have selected a few of them to feature here.

Kevin is a brilliant Production Designer with many years of experience. I had the pleasure of working with him for over 2 years at Zync while I was the Studio Manager. I was impressed by Kevin's ability to step into the role as seamlessly as he did and quickly started to produce results. His began to learn each client's standards, including an extremely challenging and complicated one, and was on top of each detail. He was secure enough in his talent to know when to ask questions and was always willing to share his own knowledge with others in order to elevate the entire's studio's education. Kevin is a gifted production artist and I highly recommend him to any studio.

Lori Beesley, May 13, 2014 (Lori managed Kevin indirectly at Zync Communications Inc.)

Kevin is a master of details. His ability to spot the tiniest of errors, inconsistencies, and overlooked components is other-worldly. He is well-versed in numerous software applications and is always learning. With an emphasis on efficiency and consistency, Kevin has moulded himself into the ideal Production Designer.

Kyle Kargov, January 30, 2014 (Kyle worked directly with Kevin at Zync Communications Inc.)

Kevin is the perfect combination of superb studio skills and keen intelligence that makes you appreciate him at your side. He is impeccably organized, very responsible, motivated and a very adept problem solver. In my past experience, Kevin would always be ready for some design negotiation...and had already worked out the best solution, balancing among our client's demands, sensibilities, and our best Taxi design principles. Kevin has exactly the kind of work ethic I would ever want to have around. And he would make a fine addition to any successful company. Especially environments who allow bigger contributions from people such as Kevin. He's a thinker. He's a bonus.

Connie Gorsline, June 22, 2011 (Connie managed Kevin indirectly at Taxi)


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